Dating and thinking about moving in together?

Thinking about popping the question?

Already engaged?



This is an incredibly exciting time and it is easy to get wrapped up in sharing the news, organizing wedding plans and attending parties that your friends throw in celebration of you to mark the beginning of this new chapter.

Through all of the excitement, time put into planning, and money being splurged to ensure it is a memorable day, it is important not to lose site of the investment in yourself and in each other. It is important to stay connected and to lay a strong foundation for yourselves as a couple to set you up for success, joy and continued celebration.

While we prepare for almost everything else in life, making sure we are equipped with the tools and skills to nurture a successful relationship and enduring marriage seems to be something we often take for granted. Successful relationships do not just happen. They are built on a foundation of understanding, awareness, honesty, vulnerability, friendship, mutual respect, consistent positive connection, and skills for repairing breakdowns when they occur.

Counselling helps couples create a strong and resilient foundation as they begin to build their life together.

If we change the way we look at relationship counselling from being a resource used when relationships start falling apart to being a resource couples use to increase resilience and strength in their relationship from the beginning, couples can start to experience intimate relationships as a more fulfilling and enriching aspect of their lives for the long haul.

In premarital counselling you gain support in building a strong foundation for a lasting and healthy relationship.

You will:

  • discuss dreams, goals, values and expectations,
  • learn communication skills,
  • gain knowledge about what makes a relationship work,
  • learn how to maintain and increase intimacy,
  • discuss relationship roles,
  • gain understanding about how to manage conflict,
  • address financial goals and habits,
  • Explore fighting style and repair techniques,
  • Explore family planning or decisions related to whether or not you each want to have children.

Premarital / Relationship Foundations Counselling can provide you with the keys to not only a lasting, but a thriving relationship.

*It is important to note:  premarital / relationship foundations counselling is for all couples in early stages of their relationship, those who are dating, co-habitating, engaged, or newly married.