Free 21-Day Meditation Challenge

Our lives are increasingly busy. And the pace does not seem to be easing up.

Normal day to day conversations often lead with talk about feeling stressed and the prevalence of anxiety ruling our lives.

Self-care has become a buzz reference along with the normalization of yoga, meditation and getting fit. While on the one hand, these things are more accessible than ever, talking about it does not necessarily lead to us reaping the benefits of actually doing it, because we are not actually taking the time to pause, shift, and engage.

Deepak Chopra and Oprah offer free 21-day meditation challenges every few months.

It is a great way to see if guided meditation is up your alley. Some of the challenges may resonate with your more than others, and that is totally fine. Give yourself permission to acknowledge when something is not a good fit for you. That said, you are better able to make that assessment when you have given it a try.

So here is the link for any of you who may be interested. It’s worth a try… Enjoy!

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The Secret to Desire in a Long Term Relationship by Esther Perel

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